Now You’re a Man!

A lot has happened since my last post.

There’ve been wiring snafus (which I will be happy to get into in a subsequent post), the great damper mystery of 2014, a break up, and a move.

Also, now I am a man.

I guess physically not so, I still wear flowery things, I smell like a woman and I date men; but I might have more tools than you. No breakup is going to keep me from completing this monster endeavor, and the first thing I had to do post-getting settled was invest in some tools. Looking at the little green and gray evolve tool box my dad bought for me to take care of odds and ends around my dorm room in undergrad, I was faced with the undeniable fact that it was time to graduate! I scoured the internet (aka Googled) mechanics tool sets.

Did you know Sears has amazing deals on crap like this?

I ended up getting a 309-piece craftsman mechanics tool set for $169. That set was only $20 more than the  next smallest one at 154 pieces. I reckon I got quite the deal on tools that will be with me for the rest of my life.

So I went to go pick up my new toys, and they handed me a bunch of loose standard and metric sockets/wrenches/hexes/etc. in a cardboard box. This would NOT do…I’m a grown-ass woman! I need a tool box.

I just want to put it out there and say women have it so easy. Not only do we never have to buy our own drinks, but literally every man working there wanted to carry my tools for me. Being as proud as I am about my new-found muscles, I replied with, “Nah, I work out. Where are your boxes?” I’m building a motorcycle, bitches. I think I got this.

The man who ended up helping me tried to convince me to return the set I just picked up in favor of a smaller set that came in an organized plastic box. Do I look like I was born yesterday? That plastic box is going to get scuffed, warped, and messed up. Eventually I will throw it out and replace it. I told him what I want is a steel box with drawers for all the sockets/wrenches, and another smaller steel box with a removable caddy that I can use to load up with tools I need to take to the bike. Ultimately, it came down to the fact that my express purpose was to buy tools–one day I would probably regret not having gotten the larger set.

309 tools, and two tool boxes later, I decided that I needed some help getting to Dolores (my car). I might be capable of great things, but one must recognize their limits. Help came on four wheels, not two legs. I guess I can say that I still did it all myself…even if I did employ the help of a cart.

So my evening entailed organizing my new treasure trove of tools, drinking a Death in the Afternoon, eating pizza, and watching Pacific Rim. It looked a little something like this, and I think Hemingway would have approved:

Displaying IMG_20150228_181912.jpg


2 thoughts on “Now You’re a Man!”

  1. Congrats on the tools. I still have the Craftsman set that my dad bought me when I was in my teens 25+ years ago. Looking forward to an update on the build. I’m halfway through a new wiring harness and am fully aware of the joys that they bring. Good luck!

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