Double Vision

So…I decided that I needed to out-badass my boyfriend by owning two times as many motorcycles as he does.

We have forsaken the World Cup game in favor of going to McLean to check out another motorcycle. Charlie found a 1977 KZ650 on craigslist that was going for a decent price. I inquired on Friday, but fretted all weekend that I would not get it and my hopes would be DASHED!

But HARK! My gmail brought me good news when the owner reached out to me, confirming that the bike was still for sale and there was also a title in it for me! What’s more, he was available to show me the bike the next day.

The stars were aligning for me…something like this:


As it turns out, “the next day” was today. Charlie and I ventured out to McLean (poor Tim Howard), and met up with the owner.

The bike is in really great condition, and I was thoroughly impressed with it. I was even more pleased to know that the seller was NOT a total dill-hole like the first guy who sold us a KZ. Some inspection ensued, a little negotiating, and an exchange!

I am now a happy owner of a second KZ, that will invariably become my primary bike, and I will be cannibalizing my basket case to make this new bike run.

Anyway. It looks like I will have a fully operational motorcycle much sooner than I thought. Stay tuned for rapid progress! (ESPECIALLY BECAUSE WE HAVE A GARAGE NOW!)


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