Moto Safety Team

For the two and a half people following me at this point, you may not have noticed that I went on a two-week hiatus. I flew my bicycle, my gear, and myself out to California to participate in the AIDS/LifeCycle. It is the largest fundraiser in the world to benefit AIDS research, treatment, and prevention; and I am extremely proud to announce that we raised $15,000,169 this year. I am also extremely proud to announce that I rode all 545 miles on my bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise awareness.

I could write a mini-novella about the experience, but I imagine that’s not why anyone is here.

I do want to talk about our Roadies, though. One team in particular. The Moto Safety Crew.

The ride was fully supported by the organizers, which recruited a small army of volunteers. Every morning, the Moto Safety team would ride out like a cavalry to put up route signs that were arrows to keep us on the path, mark particularly hazardous areas, remind us to bike single file (there were 2300 of us…the reminders were absolutely necessary), and inform us that the rest stops or camp were near.

This guidance was totally useful and necessary. I’m sure there are a few places where I would have gone the wrong way if not for their strategically placed signs.

More than that, they protected all 2300 of us.

The Moto Safety crew all stood out in the heat in the middle of the streets and helped guide us through particularly dangerous intersections. They had flags and would yell to us to slow down; they would help us cross several lanes to make left hand turns; they would ensure there was no traffic coming in the opposing direction; they would educate us on the traffic patterns at particular intersections; and they would inform us of sharp turns and warn us to gear down if a hill followed immediately.

They did all this and more.

I also loved the encouragement and thanks that I received from them every single day. Simply a thank you for riding and fundraising. I would also thank them for their support and guidance.

Moto were our best friends on the rides. Always the people we could count on to have our backs.

Just wanted to give a shout out to my favorite motorcycle team. Much love, and I will do my best to always do a full ALC stop.


2 thoughts on “Moto Safety Team”

  1. Followed a link from to here as I own a 1978 KZ650B2. I scrolled down to read more of your blog and see a picture of my friend and colleague “Tim” from ALC. I wondered to myself, does she know where she hijacked this picture from? Then I read a humbling story about Moto Safety and their work on ALC 2014.

    Thank you for your kind words. I was on MOTO Safety this year and possible helped you on your way. I was Moto Safety #12 on the green 1999 Kawasaki ZRX1100 during the ride. On I am “Kawi // Twin” and you can follow my build thread of my KZ650.

    Cheers and I will see you at the Cow Palace next year!


    1. CY!!!!!! I do remember you! I remember calling Charlie one night and telling him about your bike. I loved your bike and the yellow Triumph.

      Thank you so much for everything you did for me over the course of that week. I relied on you so much throughout my adventure, and I think some of my most clear memories on the ride were of seeing the Moto Safety team between rest stop 3 and the finish line on day 7. You all were so supportive all the way from start to finish, but I remember looking forward to seeing each of you as I got closer to the end.

      I’m glad you found my blog! I will be seeing you next yet!

      I was the little shorty with blonde hair. Here’s me and my gear truck guys on Red Dress Day:

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