Pandora’s Boxes

145 miles, 2 and a half hours, $16 in tolls, and one burrito bowl later, Charlie and I found ourselves in an oddly quaint and suburban town in New Jersey.


I remarked that Main Street reminded me of a gold rush town from home. I hoped there was a homemade fudge store, a kitchen supply shop, and a “general store.” Unfortunately, this is as close as I will get to a gold rush town this year.

We pulled up to the house I was directed to just as the bike’s owner rolled up. Timing is everything.

Dave opened the garage, and there was a frame, tank, and forks staring us in the face. He had several bike parts, and got this particular one from a gentleman who was going to restore it 20 years ago.

Turns out this bike had been apart for that long!

For the better part of my existence, this bike has been in pieces, just waiting to be restored to its former glory. What better candidate than a woman who wants big-kid Legos?

He and Charlie went through the boxes and miscellaneous parts. Everything seems to be in good condition, since it was all kept indoors for 20 years. A few things were missing, and we were able to bring the price down to accommodate that. All-in-all, once the parts are organized, I will be able to clean thoroughly, and have a nice bike to put together.

There are four incredibly unorganized boxes that I am absolutely dreading having to sift through. I wonder if there’s an app for that.

So now, it is in our extra room. Pandora’s boxes are just waiting to be opened and sifted through.

I will surely lose my mind.


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