The Pine Sol Method

Did you know: Pine Sol can be used for nearly any task you can think of?

  1. DIY pregnancy test
  2. Bear deterrent 
  3. Carburetor cleaner

I was looking for an effective and cheap way to clean all the gunk off my carbs. During my quest for more knowledge, I repeatedly ran across the Pine Sol method. There were many posts praising the method, and many others lamenting that the Pine Sol ate their carbs out. Probably shouldn’t let those bad boys soak for four days without checking on them, though.

I‘ve been taking my carbs apart and soaking them in Pine Sol for an hour or two at a time before brushing them off with toothbrushes and resubmerging. They’re looking beautiful. Side-by-side pictures will be up soon.

Now to find more applications for Pine Sol.


Road Closures to Clear Path for Rolling Thunder

This really can be a huge pain in the ass, because these guys are loud and EVERYWHERE. I’m not at all angry about the Triumph we saw yesterday, though.


ARLINGTON, Va. — The annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally returns to the nation’s capital this Memorial Day weekend, and authorities are advising motorists to be prepared for road closures and other delays.

The Virginia Department of Transportation estimates that 2,000 motorcyclists, escorted by state and local police, will travel Sunday morning up Interstate 95 from Prince William County to the Pentagon. Another 2,000 motorcyclists are expected on Interstate 66 from Manassas.

At noon Sunday, the riders are expected to depart the Pentagon for Washington.

Arlington County Police say (Route 27) will be closed from I-395 to the Memorial Bridge from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.

In Fairfax City, police will close roads in and around the Patriot Harley Davidson dealership Sunday morning in support of the associated “Ride of the Patriots” rally.

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The Age of Exploration

The moment you realize facts about a world that was foreign to you start coming to you freely is a bit unnerving. Not to say it’s a scary, bad thing by any means. It’s just that you experience a sense of pride about your new-found knowledge at the same time you are also coming to understand that you know so very little.

My first realization was as I was leaving the gym a couple days ago. The gym is in an old school building, and the parking lot was sort of slapped together in the back between the brick building and the freeway entrance. I give them points for creativity, but that parking lot is a pain in the ass to navigate with pockets of parking spots peppered in the natural driving path. This really could not have been the best way to put the lot together.

I digress.

Anyway, I generally look around quite a bit to make sure I’m not going to hit anyone coming around the corner. As I glanced to my left, I noticed a dark bike with red accents. My immediate thought was, “Oh, that’s Ducati red.” And my second thought was, “Damn, I just pulled that knowledge out of thin air.”

Charlie had explained brand colors to me in January this year at the Motorcycle show, and I was surprised it stuck.

Ever since, my motorcycle knowledge has been creeping up here and there, and my understanding of certain bikes has grown exponentially even in the past month. It’s amazing to me how much there is to know about bikes, how they work, the different makes, the styles, and various trends.

This project is causing me to learn a lot, quickly; and I know that I understand very little at this point in my exploration. Makes me want to learn about everything ever…it certainly helps to have someone who is eager and happy to educate me.

I should probably go read my factory service manual!

A Man’s Man (and I like him, too)

“There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.”

~ Ernest Hemingway

Enjoy the man’s favorite drink (courtesy of the Huffington Post).

Green Isaac’s Special
2 oz London Dry Gin
4 oz green coconut water (not milk)
Juice of one lime (about 1 oz)
2-4 dashes Angostura Bitters, to taste

Shake all ingredients well with ice, transfer contents of shaker into a Collins glass, adding more ice as needed. Garnish with a lime wedge or peel.

Hemingway discovered the joys of mixing gin, lime, and coconut water during his Key West days (1928-1940). In a 1931 letter, he noted, “this is really going to be the hell of a fine house; the lawn is coming well, figs on the fig tree, coconuts on the trees and plenty of limes. Will plant more limes and coconuts. Wish you could plant a gin tree.” The Green Isaac’s Special is found in Islands in the Stream, named for two islands near Bimini, Great Isaac and Little Isaac Cay. “Where Thomas Hudson lay on the mattress his head was in the shade cast by the platform at the forward end of the flying bridge where the controls were and when Eddy came aft with the tall cold drink made of gin, lime juice, green coconut water, and chipped ice with just enough Angostura bitters to give it a rusty, rose color, he held the drink in the shadow so the ice would not melt while he looked out over the sea.”

Seat Inspriations

Was just checking out some of my seat-replacement options and came across a lot of people building their own seats on the cheap! I certainly don’t want to drop $200+ on a seat, but it might be worth it to save my bum.

I am not really looking to do a cafe racer with my bike. But I love the idea of being able to build my own seat. And now that he’s put it in my mind, I’d like to avoid what Charlie likes to call “poop butt” (that protruding back fairing).

Commenters on the video have a great point in that the battery won’t be hidden, which somewhat defeats the purpose of that particular design.

Any good ideas on where to get cheap, classic-looking seats? I’m looking for something brown that is good for urban riding AND can be used on longer 3-hour rides.

Under the Sea

Yesterday, Charlie and I spent a few quality hours with my boxes, frame, and the factory service manual for the KZ650. That shit was so dirty that I kept the bandage on my semi-healed second-degree burn (it looks way better today when I took this picture than it did yesterday). I have been kayaking in a ship graveyard, which is a tetanus paradise, but I was having NONE of this dust and grime.


At the end of the day, we were left with a sea of parts, but it seems that mostly everything is there. I am going to need new sprockets, a new front disk, a new break cylinder and lever, and new exhaust pipes.

The guy said everything was there, but clearly that was a farce! God knows what you have done, sir, and I will be avenged!!!! Have fun in hell, jerk:


That’s alright. I know a guy in Baltimore who has some exhaust pipes he can sell me for $60. It’s nice to have no degrees of separation.

That all being said, here’s a completely underwhelming picture of the insanity I will be enduring for the next several months. I’m sure we could turn this into a cute I SPY  book, but there are lights, a wiring harness, seat, break/clutch things, wheels, pegs, forks, shocks. Not pictured are my neat jars of ball bearings and my hell-tins of random bolts and washers.

The thing that gets us is the unopened air filter that is already wrecked simply from being too old. People are full of shit: age is defined by time and not state of mind…my air filter proves it!